Responsibility & commitment:

We have commitment to conduct business in a responsible manner; our commitment is built on our vision, business strategies and ambitions.
Ethics and Business Conduct: We are committed to conducting our business ethically, legally and in a manner that is fiscally, environmentally and socially responsible. We evolve beyond a distribution company to deepen our roots in the oriental Region; our resolve is to ensure that everything we do in connection with our work is measured against the highest possible standards of ethical business conduct.
Leadership Commitment: Our leadership team is dedicated to integrating corporate responsibility considerations into all its decision-making and strategic planning. HamChem GmbH workforce is expected to execute on these leadership decisions with the same high standards. Our management leads and establishes measures to identify, monitor and manage corporate responsibility issues and performance relevant to our business.
Reputation: Our reputation is a critical component to creating long-term value for our partners. Protecting and enhancing our reputation and license to operate is a significant element of sustained success, motivating us to commit to corporate responsibility across our organization.