Our Products:

We are dealing with several products for different industries, some of products that we deal are:

Oil Gas  Petrochemical- Oil, Gas & Petrochemical
    Activated Carbon, Molecular Sieve, TEG (Tri Ethylene Glycol), TEA (Tri Ethanol Amines), Lubricants, Antifoam (Silicone and non-silicone abase), Catalyst, Corrosion inhibitor, Biocide, drilling chemicals, DMDS, MDEA (Methyl Di Ethanol Amine), Silica Gel, LDHI (Low dosage Hydrated Inhibitor)


Coating- Coating
    Pigment, additive, Biocide, resins and binders, MEG (Mono Ethylene Glycol), DEG (Di Ethylene Glycol), 2EH (2-Ethyl Hexanol), MEA (Mono Ethanol Amine), DEA (Di Ethanol Amine), Dimmer Fatty Acid, Peroxide, Monomers, Gum Rosin, Phtalic Anhydride, Zinc Dust, VAM (Vinyl Acetate Monomer), MMA, MAA, NPG, PEG, TMP, Titanium Dioxide, Fumed Silica, 2HEMA, Aluminium Paste, Epoxy resin


Rubber- Rubber
    SBR, NBR, Carbon Black, Natural Rubber, Stearic Acid, Pigment, Additive, PBR, EPDM



Polymer and plastic- Polymer and plastic
    HDPE, LDPE, PVC, EPS, HIPS, Butane-1, Pigment, Filler, Masterbatch,



Water  Waste treatment  - Water & Waste Water treatment
     Ion Exchange resin, Aluminum Sulphate, Calcium Hypochlorite, Copper  Sulphate, DE (Diatomaceous Earth), PAC (Poly Aluminum Chloride), Soda  Ash, Zinc Sulphate



Lubricant and Greases- Lubricant and Greases
    Additives, corrosion inhibitor, Stearate, Biocide, MEG (Mono Ethylene Glycol), DEG (Di Ethylene Glycol)



Mining Industry- Mining Industry
    Frother (MIBC (Methyl Isobutyl Carbinol) , Pine oil, Fatty Acid), Dithiophosphates, Xanthate ((Potassium Ethyl Xanthate, Potassium N-Butyl Xanthate, Potassium Isobutyl Xanthate, Potassium Amyl Xanthate, Sodium Isopropyl Xanthate, Sodium Isopropyl Xanthate), Sodium Metabisulphate, Heat Transfer Fluids, Activated Carbon.


Detergent and cosmetic- Detergent and cosmetic
    Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate, PEG, TEA99%





    We can provide you with most quality raw materials and food ingredients to your production facilities. We source and supply from most well-known manufacturer with full required certificates for this industry.Please send us your requirement to provide you most competitive and quality proposal.



    Our delivery programme is flexible and is permanently adjusted to the market requirements. HamChem GmbH able to supply ingredients for innovative formulae and individual solutions. For this purpose, our portfolio includes a comprehensive range of various products, ingredients and blends.


– please do not hesitate to send us your enquiry for a product not being listed in our catalogue. We can provide a wide range of packaging units for the products we supply and also offer individual solutions if you have specific needs with regard to packing. Our products range include but not limited to: Glycerine, PEG, Talcum, Propylene Glycol, citric acid and etc. we can supply both Active and Inactive materials.