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HamChem GmbH offering high-quality products for different industries. The Company benefit from young experience management team having several years experiences in Chemical distribution in Asia, Middle East, and Africa. Our strategy is to link directly between European (mainly Germany) chemical and petrochemical industries and potential customers in India, Malaysia, Vietnam, GCC countries and Africa
The Company
HamChem GmbH started in 2008 in beautiful city of Hamburg. We are specialty industrial chemical distributor and dealing with several specialty products for below industries:
Oil, Gas & Petrochemical
Polymer and plastic
Water & Waste treatment
Lubricant and Greases
Mining Industry
Detergent and cosmetic
our Business
We combine technical expertise that’s unparalleled in chemical distribution with logical excellence reliable, secure supply; and leverage over several years of chemical expertise into the industry.
We offer a comprehensive selection of specialty chemicals for different application.
We cooperate the world’s premier chemical manufactures, and our experienced, global product and souring Teams provide consistent availability and pricing of products.